She Devil
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Base Camp

  • Statistics:
    • Date Hiked:  August 10, 2002
    • Miles Hiked:  4.6
    • Cumulative Elevation Gain:  3,160'
    • Hiking Partner(s):  None
  • Description:
    • I would be lying if I said it was my plan to drive up to the Seven Devil's just to climb She Devil.  At 9,320', She Devil is the second tallest peak in Hell's Canyon next to He Devil at 9,393'.  I actually had very ambitious plans to tag the tops of a couple of peaks, but circumstances changed and I had to settle for She Devil.
    • I drove to the Seven Devil's Campground late Friday afternoon where I had some dinner and went to bed rather early after going to Heaven's Gate Lookout and Seven Devil's Lake.  I was actually in this area two years ago and did an extremely long hike to this same location utilizing a maintained trail.
    • Since this time, I learned of a much shorter climber's route that goes cross country to the center of the mountains.  I used this route and was at Sheep Lake in about 1:15.  From here, I found the talus and scree filled gully that leads to the saddle between She Devil and Mount Baal.  This is where things slowed down dramatically and I became very frustrated.  Not only was the gully extremely steep, it was full of some of the most rotten and loose talus and scree that I had ever been on.  I started to climb directly in the center of the gully but quickly learned that the rock was too unstable after starting many small slides.  I finally worked my way over to where the west face of Mount Baal meets the talus slope.
    • At this point, I was still only about one third of the way up, but things picked up slightly as I was able to literally hang on to the solid west face of Baal and pull myself up as I made my way to the saddle.  From the saddle to the top of She Devil was pretty easy considering the climbing I just did.  Despite being shorter with less elevation gain, it took me the same time to get to She Devil as it did Diamond Peak, 3:05.
    • If I was going to honor my wife's request to be home in the early evening She Devil would have to do for the day.  I wanted to leave my self enough time and energy to make it back down the gully, so I simply went back out the way I came.  If I would have had the entire day, or backpacked to Sheep Lake and set up a "base camp", two or three peaks could have easily been accomplished.  But, with my time constraints and coming all the way from Seven Devil's Campground, I had to settle with She Devil alone.  I was back down in a little over 2:00 and will most definitely return to take the northwest ridge to He Devil.
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