Devil's Bedstead
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Base Camp

  • Statistics:
    • Date Hiked:  October 6, 2003
    • Miles Hiked:  9.0
    • Elevation Gain:  5,010'
    • Hiking Partner(s):  Chuck Bauman
  • Description:
    • This was a long day hike for Chuck and myself.  The elevation gain was more than it needed to be as a result of some poor route finding, backtracking, etc. etc. etc..  The final section of the northwest face of the Devil's Bedstead (East) has approximately 1,000' of sustained class 3 scrambling to the summit.
  • Maps:
    • Click here to view a 2D map of the area where this hike is located.
  • Photographs:
    • Devil's Bedstead East from very early in the hike.

    • Chuck climbing in the steep gully you use to access the peak on the northwest face.

    • A view of the route from the trailhead to the saddle between the Devil's Bedstead and Point 10942.

    • My summit photo with Old Hyndman to the left and Hyndman peaking over the mountain just to the left of me.

    • This is a shot up the gully that leads to the northeast ridge above the false summit.  Chuck is the small marron dot in the middle coming down.

    • The class 3/4 crux of the hike that can either be climbed or avoided by moving out onto the northwest face and climbing the gulley.  The point in the center of the photo is the false summit.

    • The route from the unnamed lake to the the saddle at 10,600'.

    • Devil's Bedstead East from Trail Creek Road on the drive home.

    • A picture of the Lost River Range from Borah to Lost River Peak taken from the summit.






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