Mt. Sherman/Gemini Pk.
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Base Camp

  • Statistics:
    • Date Hiked:  October 25, 2003
    • Miles Hiked:  6.5
    • Elevation Gain:  3,177'
    • Hiking Partner(s):  None
  • Description:
    • Mount Sherman and Gemini Peak are located northwest of Fairplay (CO) off of Highway 9.  The fall weather had been very hospitable, so I decided to try and get out one more time before the snow starts to fly.  There is no particular reason for selecting this peak other than I assumed it was relatively easy, so instead of dealing with a difficult hike, I would only have to contend with the temperature.
    • I actually had a bigger day planned, but after underestimating the difficulty of route finding and how damn cold it was going to be, I had to settle for Gemini and Sherman.  Not to say it wasn't a good hike, it is just that if you do this in the summer time, I would recommend hitting both Sheridan and Dyer too.  The ridge between Gemini and Dyer looked like a fun traverse.
    • I left Highlands Ranch (CO) shortly after 5:00 am and was hiking shortly after 7:00 am.  I chose the Sacramento Creek Trailhead because of its location from Denver and its distance to the peak.  I prefer hikes with less miles.  I should note that the miles reported above are estimated.  I did not have a resource listing the distance of the particular route I used.  I simply added 9/10ths of a mile to Roach's 5.6 miles reported in his book for the route that closely relates to mine.  I actually think it is likely less that 6.5 miles, but I decided to be conservative from a grade standpoint.
    • I mention difficult route finding above.  In relation to other hikes I have done, it actually wasn't difficult at all, but in comparison to what I was expecting (a trail) it was.  I guess it just kind of caught me off guard.  I was told that most 14ers have trails, and that may be the case for the easiest or most heavily used routes, but as Gerry Roach states, this is an overlooked route, so I guess I shouldn't have expected it.  When checking the weather, Fairplay reported 48 degrees for Saturday, so I didn't think it would be too bad.  I didn't think about that being the high and the fact that I would be a couple of thousand feet higher.  Anyway, it was pretty cold.
    • I headed up the south side of Sacramento Creek and gained Gemini's east ridge up a shallow gulch.  I went over Gemini to Sherman and back over Gemini to the trailhead on the way out.  I did this in order to gain 3,000' on this trip.  See the Colorado 14er page for additional details regarding this.  This was an ok trip that had me back in Denver by 2:30 pm.  I only saw four other people all day.  By 11:30, they had already climbed for 3 hours when I ran into them at 13,300' on my way back down.
    • Additional Statistics
    Leg Description Start End Gain (Loss) Start Stop Time
    1. Sacramento Creek Trailhead - Gemini Peak 11,320' 13,951' 2,631' 7:05 am 9:35 am 2 hr.   30 min.
    2. Gemini Peak Summit Time   9:35 am 9:55 am 0 hr.   20 min.
    3. Gemini Peak - Mount Sherman 13,951' 14,036' (231') 315' 9:55 am 10:25 am 0 hr.   30 min.
    4. Mount Sherman Summit Time   10:25 am 10:35 am 0 hr.   10 min.
    5. Mount Sherman - Gemini Peak 14,036' 13,951' (315') 231' 10:35 am 11:00 am 0 hr.   25 min.
    6. Gemini Peak Summit Time   11:00 am 11:05 am 0 hr.   05 min.
    7. Gemini Peak - Sacramento Creek Trailhead 13,951' 11,320' (2,631') 11:05 am 12:35 pm 1 hr.   30 min.
      Total Elevation Gain and Trail Time 3,177'      5 hr. 30 min.
    * Mount Sherman/Gemini Peak Saddle 13,720' Determined from topographical map.
  • Maps:
    • Click here to view a 2D map of the area where this hike is located.
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