Mount Sheridan
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Base Camp

  • Statistics:
    • Date Hiked:  September 24, 2004
    • Miles Hiked:  2.8
    • Elevation Gain:  1,718'
    • Hiking Partner(s):  None
  • Description:
    • After eating lunch in Buena Vista, I began my drive home somewhat disappointed that my hiking season had come to a close.  I had committed to hanging up my trekking poles for a while before I left on my trip to Culebra.  Is there such a thing as mountain celibacy?  Since I wasn't expected home until later that evening, I tried to think if there was a peak I could hike to on my way home.  As I neared Fairplay and observed the snow covered mountains to the north, I remembered reading of a couple of peaks near Mount Sherman that I was interested in (Day Mountain & Mount Sheridan).  I didn't get to them when I climbed Mount Sherman last Fall because the conditions were cold and I made a hasty retreat after summitting.
    • I pulled out my guide book and noticed that I could drive to 12,500' on the standard approach to Mount Sherman.  Of course I didn't have another 14er left in me because of the morning and previous day, but Mount Sheridan looked like a good candidate with little mileage and only 1,200' of vertical gain.  In addition, the trailhead was only 13 miles off of Highway 285.  So I headed up to the trailhead despite the lateness of the day and my weary legs.
    • There was more snow in the area, but it looked like it could be avoided for the most part.  The road was gated at just over 12,000' which increased the distance and mileage a bit, but not too much to deter me.  I followed the road up through the remnants of an old mining establishment and then worked my way to the saddle between Sherman and Sheridan.  Weather was moving in and I was fairly fatigued at this point.  I dropped my pack and marched my way up the final 450' of Sheridan's northeast slope to the summit where a large rock shelter stood.
    • I stopped long enough to take in the views and snap a few photos.  I quickly made it back to my vehicle and drove to Denver.  My wife calls it an obsession, but I am already thinking about what the snow conditions will be like in the Conundrum Couloir, Southeast Couloir on Maroon Peak, or the Angel of Shavano next Spring.  Maybe she's right.
    Time Timer  
Leg Description Beg. End Start Stop Minutes
1. 4WD Trailhead - 12,930' 2:50 3:25 0:00 0:35 35
2. Break 1 3:25 3:35 0:35 0:45 10
3. 12,930' - Mount Sheridan 3:35 4:15 0:45 1:25 40
4. Break 2 4:15 4:20 1:25 1:30 5
5. Mount Sheridan - 4WD Trailhead 4:20 4:55 1:30 2:05 35
  Totals 2 Hrs. 5 Mins. 125





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