Chimney Tops
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Base Camp

  • Statistics:
    • Date Hiked:  October 30, 2004
    • Miles Hiked:  4.0
    • Elevation Gain:  1,700'
    • Hiking Partner(s):  None
  • Description:
    • On my way back to Knoxville, I decided to stop at another trailhead since it was still the early afternoon.  Because of the trail, views, and small section of class three scrambling this hike provided, I actually enjoyed it the most.  It was another tourist trail, but that didn't bother me.  I was a tourist too, and other that a few episodes of poor trail etiquette and seeing a some unprepared hikers, it wasn't too bad.  Although it was over 15 miles, I actually ended up having a 4,800' day.
  • Maps:
    • Click here to view a 2D map of the area where this hike is located.
  • Photographs:





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