Mount Bross (2)
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Base Camp

  • Statistics:
    • Date Hiked:  February 19, 2005
    • Miles Hiked:  7.7
    • Elevation Gain:  3,172'
    • Hiking Partner(s):  12 Members
      • ATTM
      • Kane Engelbert
      • Jeremy (F Bomb)
      • Peter (pksanders)
      • Gary Haass
      • Amy Haass
      • Alan Ellis
      • Scott Peterson
      • Jackie Ellis
      • Raman
      • Fabio (Brentna)
      • DaveC
  • Description:
    • Mount Bross is an easy 14er?  Not always.  This trip was the second annual Rockies Winter Gathering for members.  The group generally tries to select a mountain climbable by all types of people.  This year Mount Bross appeared to be a reasonable candidate, but the mountain tried its best to deny everyone the summit.  Several members stayed in Breckenridge the night before, one camped near Kite Lake, and others drove to Alma, CO early Saturday morning.  After a quick group photo at the trailhead, we were hiking around 6:30 am.
    • The team stuck together for much of the hike to the Kite Lake area.  I decided not to start with snowshoes, but was required to put them on approximately one mile up the road.  Once near Kite Lake we picked a line to the southwest gully of Bross.  At this point, the team began to spread out a bit and of course, I was the first one to drop the snowshoes once on the rock and scree in the gully.  Progress was adequate and about one-third of the way up the gully, I thought I saw a trail continue on the north slopes.  I crossed the narrow snow field and began struggling up the loose scree.  Kane on the other hand, quickly picked up a strong climbers trail that remains on the south side of the gully.
    • The weather remained tolerable, but it wasn't exactly the perfect day we were hoping for.  I was able to stay with Kane for a while, but two-thirds of the way up to the saddle between Bross and South Bross I was unable to keep up with his progress.  The unstable footing, scree, snow, and fatigue was setting in on me as Kane followed the climbers trail all the way to the saddle.  He disappeared on the ridge and I pressed on having to break frequently.  As I rounded a small false summit, the wind took me by surprise.  I could see the large rock shelter on Bross across it's broad summit, and Kane was standing below it to the west.  He pointed me in the direction of the cairn and dropped towards the saddle of Cameron and Bross.
    • It didn't take long to reach the summit, but the weather was deteriorating rapidly.  It had taken me 3 hours and 55 minutes to climb Mount Bross.  I estimate than Kane likely preceded me by at least 25 minutes.  I threw on another layer, snapped some photos, took a drink of water, and ate some rock hard gummy bears.  The snow was blowing, the wind was strong, and I was getting cold.  Kane returned to the cairn after deciding not to attempt Cameron, it simply wasn't worth it in the conditions we were experiencing.  He also hydrated, pulled on his overmitts, and after 10 minutes we decided to get the heck out of Dodge.  We still didn't see anyone come over the ridge and were getting too cold to wait any longer.
    • As we started back south, the wind and blowing snow was nearly unbearable.  It was difficult to breath and I pulled my balaclava off of my nose to make it easier.  I actually ran into Kane a couple of times not paying attention to were I was going.  We quickly dropped off the saddle and saw some of the other climbers.  I must have had a lot of rime ice built up on my nose, because they immediately told me to clear it off and cover my nose.  I told them what conditions were like on the saddle and cautioned them about continuing.  Easy for me to say since I already tagged the summit.
    • Kane and I discussed conditions with other hikers as we passed them.  The primary advice was that if they were warm and didn't have too much exposed skin they could still summit.  Since I had a curfew to return to Denver, I continued down the mountain.  I picked up my snowshoes, but refused to put them back on.  I didn't find the trail we had made on the way up, so I post-holed miserably for quite some time before making it back to the road.  I finally returned to my vehicle after 6 hours and 25 minutes.  We added approximately 5 miles and 1,000' to Roach's West Slopes Route.
    • It was nice to meet many other Members.  I would have liked to stay out and socialize with them after the climb, but the only way I was even able to attend was if I was back at a reasonable time.  I can't say how everyone's experience was, but I have to admit that Bross worked me over.  I was pretty tired at the end of the day.  It was good to get another winter 14er even though I had been on top of this one before.
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