White Butte
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Base Camp

  • Statistics:
    • Date Hiked:  July 2, 2005
    • Miles Hiked:  1.5
    • Elevation Gain:  500'
    • Hiking Partner(s):  None
  • Description:
    • I am originally from North Dakota, and on our biannual pilgrimage back to our "holy land", I decided to stop and run to the top of White Butte since we drive right by it on the way back home.  This actually ended up being a more interesting hike than anticipated.  I didn't review any route information in detail because I didn't think there'd be much to it.  I parked at an old farmhouse, it just wasn't the right one.  I started out south on and old road, it just wasn't the right one.  After a short while, I was beginning to doubt whether I was even heading in the right direction.  I picked up the pace knowing my family was waiting for me and thought I found a trail.  Unfortunately, it ended at a creek, and apparently I was just out "cow trail running" in my Teva sandals.
    • I figured the butte to the south of me had to be the one, so I made a beeline for it.  I almost wiped out two or three times scrambling up a side hill of crust with slippery clay beneath it.  As I got closer, I thought I finally saw a climber's trail on a ridge and thought no cows in their right mind would be up there, so I continued.  I quickly made it to the summit and signed the register.  I descended the correct route after circling entirely too far the the west on the way in.  I ran by the old farmhouse that I was supposed to start at when a herd of cows started to curiously follow me.  I thought I was going to start a stampede.  As I trotted down the two track road, I whistled and waved across a barley field hoping my wife would see me and pick me up and the end of the road.  She finally saw me across the way and honked in acknowledgement.  I got back in the car ready to finish the drive back home and to top it all off, I found two ticks on me.
  • Maps:
    • No map available.
  • Photographs:
    • We got the kids out of the car for a while as I started the hike.  White Butte is in the background.
    • Views to the southeast from the "summit" of White Butte.  I was amazed at how green everything looked.
    • To make it official, I took a summit photo.
    • Another feeble attempt at a scenery photo.





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